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How GreenStruxure’s Energy as a Service Solves Big Sustainability Challenges

Decarbonization. For those in touch with the challenges of the global climate crisis, it’s the only practical way forward - especially for commercial and industrial companies. According to data collected by the EPA, nearly 50% of energy-related emissions in the US come from the commercial and industrial sectors, and while alternative energy is slowly becoming more available to meet the demand, the issue is far from resolved.

So, what can companies do to reduce their scope emissions while building zero-carbon, energy-resilient operations?

The industrial and commercial sectors need effective, efficient, affordable renewable energy solutions to make net zero a reality. While there is no single solution to making decarbonization a success, there are numerous ways companies can facilitate the transition.

Decarbonization roadmaps help identify cost-effective strategies that allow businesses to transition to net zero across their portfolio. Decarbonization roadmaps often introduce alternative energy solutions like solar - which immediately reduce Scope 2 emissions and the overall carbon footprint of a facility.

Below, we look at how ‘Energy-as-a-Service’ solutions like those from GreenStruxure help solve some of the major pain points for commercial and industrial leaders looking to decarbonize and meet climate goals.

GreenStruxure Onsite Energy as a Service: A Must-Have for Commercial & Industrial Decarbonization Roadmaps

GreenStruxure is a long-term partner for commercial and industrial companies in their clean energy transition. It helps meet the decarbonization and business continuity goals of the companies with no upfront capital, affordable and de-risked energy services. It can cover 50% or more of the energy and sustainability needs of such companies. It simplifies the contractual complexity that is generally associated with such projects. The customer signs one contract with GreenStruxure covering design, finance and contract, construct and operate the systems to deliver onsite zero-carbon and resilient energy services.

It brings to market two unique offers: SIGNATURE and ULTIMATE that delivers the onsite energy-as-a-service services.

Decarbonization Journey Greenstruxure

The flagship SIGNATURE offer of GreenStruxure delivers onsite zero-carbon digital energy to meet sustainability goals by reducing Scope 2 emissions. It is an outcome-based offer with three energy services: onsite zero-carbon energy services, sustainability services, and bill optimization services.

  • On-site Zero-Carbon Energy Services delivers optimally zero carbon energy guaranteeing maximum uptime and reliable energy production and performance. It has predictable and competitive pricing for the length of the contract and is a good hedge against the volatile cost of utility. It is supported by high-quality and best-in-class asset management plan during the O&M phase giving peace of mind and allowing the companies to focus on their core business.
  • Coupled with the onsite zero-carbon energy services is the Sustainability Services, that reduces Scope 2 emissions due to the onsite zero-carbon energy powering the building. The Sustainability services includes Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) life cycle management as well as reporting of Scope 2 emissions data - tracking progress against the goals and reporting on annual GHG avoidance. The Scope 2 emissions report for ESG disclosures are in compliance with GHG protocols rules. It also comes with the option of managing offsite RECs to help in reaching the net zero goals. Beyondthegrid® portfolio dashboard compares sustainability KPIs across sites and streamlines reporting with easy-to-use plug-ins to corporate ESG reporting tools.
  • To lower the demand charges in the utility bill, Bill Optimization Services optimizes demand charges through dispatchable assets. This service optimizes energy use automatically and without interrupting operations (no curtailment or load shedding) by using battery energy storage. The AI Engine helps with tariff assessment, forecasts future site-load peaks, and plans dispatch of the right assets to lower the peak. The services are competitive with the best Levelized Cost of Electricity for PV and BESS.

The second unique offer is the ULTIMATE offer that builds on the foundation of Signature offer. It ensures business continuity and resilience for energy intensive and energy sensitive companies and help run green operations and reduces the Scope 1 emissions. It comes with three energy services: resiliency services, EV charging services, and power quality services.

  • Resiliency Services provides full-site resilience during outages and thus enables business continuity of operations and critical systems. This service operates in green resilience mode to maximize the PV and battery usage versus the genset. The renewable energy dispatched during outages helps reduce emissions and pollution during those times.
  • The easy-to-use EV Charging Services comes with EV charging infrastructure and trusted EV driver app to help with charging stations and access control. It comes with user-friendly reports on usage and station misuse. It is supported by a best-in-class NOC to monitor and optimize charging station performance. This helps in boosting the employee satisfaction.
  • Power Quality Services ensures quality power for sensitive systems with zero tolerance for power quality disturbances and downtimes and thus maintains business continuity. It optimizes system performance by monitoring the electrical network health and identifies potential improvements to help avoid unexpected downtime.

GreenStruxure intertwines energy and data to provide digital services. This enables to run zero-carbon and resilient operations and helps in decision-making in the decarbonization roadmap for customers. All the digital energy services are powered by Beyondthegrid® AI platform. This platform is a one-stop shop for energy management, contract management, and asset management, so its customers can view performance outcomes – real-time and historical, across their entire portfolio.

So where should companies start? Generally, companies with clean power and resilience goals start with onsite zero carbon energy supply and sustainability services. They can extend to bill optimization services if demand charge in the utility bill is pretty high. They can include the add-ons for resilience service, power quality services and EV charging services. In all cases, they will sign just one contract, an Energy Service Agreement, with GreenStruxure that covers design, finance & contract, build, and operate to benefit from the energy services. The Energy Service Agreement is derisked and covers numerous potential fallouts including:

  • Project Slippages
  • Curtailment of production
  • Utility tariff / Clean power tariff volatility
  • Grid Charges risks
  • REC delivery risks

If you’re wondering if your company is a good fit for GreenStruxure’s Energy-as-a-Service solutions, explore the list below.

  • You need zero carbon and reliable energy to run your business.
  • You have ESG goals that include Scope 1 & 2 emissions reductions.
  • You want to maintain predictability in your energy supply and costs.
  • You spend around $500,000 annually on electricity.
  • You own your building or are in a long-term lease.
  • You want a long-term, trusted partner to help take control of your energy.

Contact here to schedule a customized executive briefing and learn more about how GreenStruxure can support your business on the path to decarbonization and customer success stories.