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North American Sustainability & Responsibility Summit (NASRS 2023)

GreenStruxure sponsored the North America Sustainability and Responsibility Summit NASRS 23. It was a four-day event held at Lost Pines outside Austin, Texas, from January 30th to February 1st, 2023. It was attended by more than 400 delegates bringing together the “who’s who” in the Sustainability arena across 200 different companies and organizations to network, benchmark, learn and share with one another. The theme revolved around integrating sustainability across the business. It included more than fifty keynotes, case studies, workshops, roundtable discussions, and more, giving an optimistic outlook on the future of sustainability in business.

Our Sales Directors' represented GreenStruxure at the event. It was quite evident engaging with sustainability leaders during the event that sustainability has entered into the mainstream of business and not a reporting on the side. The corporate goals are getting pushed to the division managers objectives so that the division who makes decisions and implement projects have the responsibility of the objectives and targets. The scope of the chief sustainability officer is expanding to influence teams in the broader organization and creating transverse teams to help them achieve objectives. Few of the companies have done PPA and VPPAs to reduce their Scope2 emission goals but exploring onsite renewables to supply to Zero Carbon energy to their site.

GreenStruxure is proud to sponsor this event and helping companies in their energy transition with our onsite energy as a service offer. For more about GreenStruxure, check out: www.greenstruxure.com